Due to Covid-19 please expect shipping and arrival delays.
Due to Covid-19 please expect shipping and arrival delays.
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I appreciate you taking the time to click here to find out a little about this store.

This apparel brand was created by one lifelong conservative living in a blue state.  If you don't want to read too much and just want the summary, I love this country more than anything, I love conservatism, I believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, I believe in our President, and I am an unapologetic Christian.  That's the highlights, you could say.

I grew up in northwestern New Jersey to a conservative family.  It's a rural area and thankfully a Republican county in an otherwise blue state.  I grew up fishing and camping and hiking, and I was taught conservative principles from the start.

My childhood was the 70's and early 80's.  I've seen a shocking decline of morality and personal responsibility and a unbelievable rise in liberalism and liberal values, especially in the past 15 years.  And as liberalism took hold of this country we seemed to just decline further and further.  

People turned away from a base of religion.  Cheating and lying became the norm for a lot of people.  The family, the church, being kind to one another, having manners, - all attacked.  What was promoted was sex, drugs, being selfish and into yourself. People turned away from everything that made this country great, its conservative roots.

Now, great things are happening right now.  People are waking up to the criminality of the left.  People are starting to speak up and fight back.  Where once only the liberal voice was heard, now conservatives all over the world are banning together and putting up a good fight.  It's beautiful to see, and I think we can win this fight together.  This is our country.  We have not lost it, and together we can make a huge change back to conservatism, back to our roots.

I really do hope you enjoy the designs I make.  Check back often there will always be more.  Share the site with friends who you think might enjoy them too.  Some will be political, some funny, some religious, and some just for fun that will reflect a little of my own personality and things in life that I enjoy that I hope you do too.

Now you want to hear something really sad? I can't even tell you my full name yet.  I work with all liberals, and while I like many of them and I believe in getting along with people from all walks of life, they don't often share that sentiment.  Sometimes when people find out I'm a conservative I'm never hired again.  Nice, right?  So, my fellow conservatives - buy some shirts and help this conservative in a blue state cut all his ties to these people! haha

Lastly, it might seem crazy to start a business during the covid19 pandemic, but I've been thinking of doing this for quite awhile and there is no better time than today because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

Wishing you and your family health, happiness, fun, peace of mind, and a year where we get to see the Deep State get royally destroyed!